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Jennifer Greenlees offers a range of Holistic Therapies Massage, Yoga, Bodyrolling, Connecting Mind, Body and Soul.

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The main intention of a massage is to elicit the relaxation response, promote muscular relaxation, and to enhance circulation of fluids, digestion and elimination. Regular massage make great self care and body maintenance. Why wait till you are injured?

Body Rolling

Body rolling combines a great stretch, like yoga, with a great release like massage. It energises and relaxes you at the same time, releasing muscles as it tones them giving you a really deep stretch. Bodyrolling  is a fantastic habit to get into to keep injuries away.


Increase vitality, strengthen immune, nervous and glandular systems. Enjoy greater stamina & flexibility and increase mental energy and focus. Connect to your soul. Lots of classes to chose from 15 mins a day to yoga workshops.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

I challenge myself with long distance stand up paddle boarding for charities in Northern Ireland.

Online Yoga Detox Challenges

Online fasting and detox challenges, join 100’s of others as we work through each challenge together to achieve our goals. Easy access and sign up.

Online Courses

Online Yoga and Bodyrolling classes, enjoy wherever you are with open access to content and classes allowing you to participate any time that suits you.

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Jennifer Greenlees
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From yoga on the beach, online yoga classes, body rolling online, fasting challenges and massage services to chair yoga and wellness tips.

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Since Covid we have been offering online classes in Yoga, Bodyrolling and care packages in addition to physical classes. Our online classes are memberships with content updated regularly.

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What has also surprised me is the difference that a mere 15 mins can make – I do feel healthier. It’s supported me making better food choices too, doing other exercise, and just generally just taking a few extra minutes for me, not as someone’s mum, wife, etc just time for myself. So I’m very grateful xo.


Hey Jenny I really love it. I haven’t ever really done any yoga so getting up and stretching in the morning has been new addition to my routine. I like the 15 min bursts which is totally manageable but also like the fact that I am building up a tool box of stretches that I can turn to. Thanks so much for doing this.


Thanks Jennifer.. started last week and missed a few days but caught up and have been doing it daily!!! Totally my saviour and 20 mins of peace in the sanity room, lol, thank you.


Hi Jennifer! I’m absolutely loving it thank you. You have such a perfect balance of strengthening and relaxation. Its part of my evening everyday now once I the kids are asleep so thank you!!! I didn’t know what Kundalini Yoga was until now and I really enjoyed it, thank you so much.


Hi there – I am really well. Your yoga sessions are keeping me sane. I’m working from home…so morning yoga is a great start to the day. Helping me keep a routine.


I hope you can keep that format up even after lockdown! It fits so much better into my life than going to a weekly class. I actually manage to do each session – maybe not every day but at least 3-4 times a week! Doing classes is just so difficult to commit to for me.


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Greenlees is a qualified yoga instructor, paddleboard teacher and massage therapist.

Body Rolling
Stand Up Paddleboarding
Lifestyle and Wellness 

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massage therapist
massage therapist
massage therapist

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Massage Options

The ultimate way to relax

Unwind with luxurious and deeply relaxing massage techniques tailored to suit your needs. Choose between hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu, energy work, deep tissue, bamboo and sports massage. Loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, ease tension and feel amazing.

  • Sports Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Tuina / Chinese Massage
  • Pre & Post-natal Massage
  • Chair Massage
  • Energy Work Reiki
  • Bamboo Massage
  • Pamper Sessions
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body rolling
body rolling
body rolling

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Body Rolling Options

The ultimate way to relax

Body rolling combines a great stretch, like yoga, with a great release like massage. It energises and relaxes you at the same time, releasing muscles as it tones them giving you a really deep stretch.

  • Releasing tight, tense muscles from the bone
  • Preventing injury
  • Healing injury
  • Enhancing performance and complementing other fitness regimes
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online yoga classes
online yoga classes

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Yoga Options

The ultimate way to relax

Yoga Classes you can do at home whenever it suits day or night. Create a daily yoga home practice in just 15 minutes a day. Be part of the online community and coached with your Kundalini Yoga teacher from Belfast, Jennifer Greenlees.

  • Kundalini yoga classes online
  • One on one yoga classes Belfast & Portrush
  • Yoga classes Belfast
  • Yoga Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
  • Blocks of four – Sea View Morning Yoga Classes Tuesdays
  • Sunset Evening Yoga Classes
  • Zoom Kundalini & chair yoga classes
  • Monday Evenings Kundalini Yoga Classes
  • Tuesday Mornings Chair Yoga Classes
  • Free 5 day Kundalini yoga fasting challenge
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