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Online 3 Day Apple Juice Fasting Experience starts 7th June its fun to do together! Summer is almost here and thankfully life feels like it is getting back to “normal” again with holidays, weddings and lots of different social occasions coming up. If you feel like you need to get in shape and lose a bit of weight you are very welcome to join me on my upcoming 3 day apple juice fasting experience. The health benefits of eating apples and apple juicing is extensive. The amazing thing about detoxing and fasting is the weight that goes first is usually the stubborn excess weight around our middles. A little self care everyday is a great habit to get into, helps you start feeling good about yourself again. It is a great way to kick start healthy living and get some daily self care going at home. I will be your guide helping everyone prepare for the fast, suggesting foods and drinks to ease you into and out of it. Joining a group of people is a real motivator to help keep up every day when temptation comes along. I touch base with zoom calls every evening to support you along the way and to help you wind down, relax and chill out. You are also welcome to adapt to suit your needs. Starts Tuesday 7th June costs £49 sign up here….

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