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Jennifer Greenlees


Jennifer Greenlees

Welcome to the Membership Group

Firstly I am really delighted to be with you on your Kundalini yoga journey, thank you so much for being here! The password to watch the videos is : kundaliniyoga

Click the play button on the image to watch the video. New videos will change every Sunday night.

Gratitude and Positive Affirmations

Gratitude will change your attitude. If you are feeling down, gratitude is a great way to shift this feeling and improve your head space. It’s a great way to start your day.



Positive affirmations are very powerful as well. This weeks is “I am totally healed.”

Do you have an affirmation that works well for you? In buddies share your affirmation or chat together if you need some help coming up with one.


Tuning in at the start of your yoga practice and tuning out at the end.

As kundalini yoga is a very powerful form of yoga it is recommended to tune in to begin. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo is the mantra we use to start our kundalini yoga practice. We chant this 3 times at the start of our yoga practice. Its is a mantra for protection and guidance and it helps draw us out of our busy worlds to tune in to ourselves. Finish by chanting 3 long Sat Naams. To watch the video its the same code we use to watch all the yoga videos which is kundaliniyoga



Healthy Drink

Creamy Blueberry Orange Smoothie

  • 1 cup (250 mL) frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 banana, frozen slices
  • 1/2 cup plain yoghurt or greek yoghurt for extra creaminess
  • 1 cup orange juice



A Beautiful and Powerful Mantra of Guru Ram Das, Also known as Mantra of Miracles.



Tuning Out

This is how we end our Kundalini Yoga Practice with the Long Time Sunshine. Finishing up with the words Sat Nam which means I am, or honouring yourself. Following your path in life.

Kundalini Yoga is different from most styles of yoga because there are so many different sets or “kriyas” to try. A kriya is a specific sequence of poses, breathing and mudras for specific outcomes.  Each week there will be new kriyas to try. The more often you repeat the videos the more familiar you will become with the technique. Your body and mind will reap all the benefits of each kriya.


Beyond Fatigue, Energising Your Body
Yoga to opening up the heart centre and chest, releasing tension between your shoulder blades to let your energy flow. Body drops to release stuck energy. Arm movements to bring youthfulness.

Automatic Endurance in the Body
Get rid of anger and tension and develop nerves of steel. Body drops give your nervous system and boost. There are requirements of a person: one apple a day, one banana a day, one orange a day and 15 minutes of baby pose.

Meditation to Detox Your Mind
This meditation helps eliminate any blocks in the neck and is great for the memory function. It can also help your intentions to become aligned with what you achieve through action. There is a special pressure on the endocrine system to cleanse itself.
Mantra is...

10 minute Guided Relaxation
It’s so important to switch off regularly. This is lovely to do before bed or to listen to at the end of your yoga practice.

Chair Yoga
Beyond Fatigue.
Lots of great stretches and self care techniques for vitality and stress. The arm motions are to bring youthfulness and the motion of the lower arm or striking arm brings you energy.

Chair Yoga
Beyond Fatigue 2
Lots of great stretches and self care techniques for vitality and stress. The arm motions are to bring youthfulness, the motion of the lower arm or striking arm brings you energy.

Bodyrolling Part 4 Vitality and Stress
When we are stressed we get stuff and tight. Learn how to roll out the hands, tight glutes and the back. Helps tone up tummy muscles too.

Sikh Tradition

Kundalini Yoga Class

If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, it comes from the Sikh tradition in India rather than the Hindu faith which is where Hatha Yoga came from. So you will often see teachers white and wearing turbans. Yogi Bhajan brought it from the East in the 70s to the states and now it has practiced all over the world. A Kundalini Yoga Class is made up of Yoga Kriyas which are a specific sequences of exercises, breathing and meditation for a specific outcome. This makes it easy to switch off and the classes are always different as we will be following different topics for health and well being throughout the year which is fun!

You can use a yoga mat or blanket or sheepskin rug as natural fibres are preferable. You are welcome to use a meditation cushion or pillow to sit on if you find that helps you sit with more ease. Most important is that you are sitting up straight, you can even use a chair if thats easier on your knees.

If you have any injuries please let me know and we can discuss variations. Feel free to modify or skip any poses that don’t agree with you. Please adapt to suit your needs. These are the videos, the idea is that you have a new video to do on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday that you repeat on the days in-between. Repeating will make then easier to do as you will know what to expect. I also offer a chill out session most weeks which is a guided meditation or self care technique.

For Kundalini Yoga we traditionally tune in with the words ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO ands tune out with SAT NAAM. These are ancient mantra used to instantly connect body, mind and soul. They are used to help guide us through our yoga practice and life. Feel free to listen or join in.

Certified Practitioner

Switch off from Stress

And Daily Life

You will find if you do a little every day it will become a habit like brushing your teeth. It will help get rid of stiffness, aches and pains and help you stay in shape. It is also a fantastic way to switch off almost instantly from the business and stress of daily life.

I know some weeks things can come up that will distract you but try to find some time to catch up and you will feel so much better for giving yourself some “me time”.

Looking forward to being with you in our online yoga class!

jenny greenlees

Jennifer Greenlees

Kundalini Yoga T-Shirts

The idea of this program is some self care that you can do at home thats easy to follow and fit into your busy life. Find a time in the day that suits you. Maybe you are a morning person or perhaps bedtime is quiet and has fewer distractions. It can also make a nice energy boost in the middle of your day. Try to eat lightly before your yoga practice as we tend to do a lot of core work which can be really uncomfortable after a big meal. Bring some water or yogi tea to drink. Wear comfortable clothing for yoga. This style is Kundalini which recommends wearing white to expound your aura. You can order a white Kundalini Yoga t-shirt from me if you need one.

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