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About Jenny Greenlees

Jenny has been a massage therapist since 1994. Working as a massage therapist in Northern Ireland, London and New York City she has built up a repertoire of therapies including Aromatherapy and Reflexology, Tuina, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Massage, Pre and Post Natal Massage.

Jennifer started practicing hatha yoga whilst studying at Edinburgh University in 1992. She then converted to ashtanga yoga whilst living in London with leading ashtanga yoga teachers Liz Lark and Mark Ansari in1995. Then she became qualified to teach in Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2002 whilst living in New York. In 2005 she became certified in New York with Yamuna Zake to teach Body Rolling.

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Jenny has travelled extensively in Japan, China, India and Nepal to learn more about the roots and traditions behind the therapies she practices and has submersed herself in Yoga, Kitaido, Tai Chi and Zen Meditation, learning to use her body safely and efficiently in her practice.


Living in Northern Ireland

No better reason to learn to Stand Up Paddle Board safely!

Jenny loves the sea and started surfing and stand up paddle boarding whilst in Montauk during her 11 years in New York. She now teaches stand up paddle boarding at home in Northern Ireland.

Jennifer is constantly learning, developing and evolving, working one on one with many distinguished teachers and therapists around the world. She incorporates this into her personal practice and in her practice as a therapist she continually passes this knowledge on to her clients.

Personal development and growth is so important. There is a saying that you can only take someone as far along the path that you have travelled yourself. The more self-work you do the better able you will be to guide your clients toward full body / self-awareness.

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