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Take part in the New Online Bodyrolling courses with Jennifer Greenlees who studied with Yamuna Zake in New York 2005 – 2008

Body Rolling Moves

Your Entire Body

Body rolling combines a great stretch, like yoga, with a great release like massage. It energises and relaxes you at the same time, releasing muscles as it tones them giving you a really deep stretch. You do it by rolling over a ball, specific routines follow the natural direction of muscle release.

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Benefits of body rolling include

Body rolling gives people of every age and physical flexibility the tools and information they need to take care of their bodies themselves.

Releasing tight, tense muscles from the bone

Preventing injury

Healing injury

Enhancing performance and complementing other fitness regimes

30 Day

Bodyrolling Routines

Do you feel like your body is stiffening up? Have you got existing aches and pains? Would you like to learn how to roll out tight muscles so you can keep enjoying your favourite sports and get better at them? Would you like to improve your flexibility and range of motion? Do you need to improve your posture? Do you love how you feel after a massage?

If the answer is yes to the above questions sign up below to join Jennifers Bodyrolling Course for routines to learn how to roll out your whole body.. it just takes 15 minutes a day. You can keep the routines to use anytime. And/or have a private lesson with Jennifer.

Completed, flexibility is something I never really focused on so great to do so!


Got the ball thank you. Yes I feel the benefits, its a nice way to wind down. Discipline is not exactly my middle name but I only missed two days so thanks very much!


Hi, shoulder is much better thanks. Yes I really liked the challenge. Nice short segments but you can do more than one at a time if you like which is what I liked about it.


I’m getting into it Jen thank you for adding me. Its like giving myself a deep body massage each morning.


Hi there – I am really well. Your yoga sessions are keeping me sane. I’m working from home…so morning yoga is a great start to the day. Helping me keep a routine.


Hi Jennifer, been sticking to it and getting on well. Legs have been surprisingly fine, not as tight as I thought they might have been. Its helped a great deal when sitting around the house and at work where I seem to be sitting more. Looking forward to shoulders.


Join the online bodyrolling class to access the video tutorials.

One on one bodyrolling teaches you how to roll out aches and pains specific to you. It helps improve posture and alignment, it relaxes the spine, improves flexibility and brings the whole body to work the way it should do. If you need more information about signing up please contact us.


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Bodyrolling Online Course

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Bodyrolling Online Course Signup

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