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Jennifer Greenlees


Jennifer Greenlees

Treat Yourself

Take it in turns, watch each video while practicing on your partner. Then switch, watch and repeat. Enjoy learning, giving and receiving massage. The videos are password protected so you will need the password to start the video. Sign up for this course at our shop, once you have signed up an email will be sent to you containing the password for your online course.

How to do a back massage sitting upright in a chair

Massaging the back neck and shoulders through clothing or with oil sitting upright to open shoulders. Partner leaning against table to relax.

How to back massage with oil

I have my partner lying on the floor you can use a massage table also for this. Easy to follow techniques for beginners.

How to massage back of legs with oil

Basic techniques to learn how to massage backs of legs, calves, hamstrings, finishing off with the feet.

How to massage the front of the legs

Basic techniques to massage front of legs including feet, knees and quads.