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New Year New You... Free 5 Day Online Yoga Detox Challenge

New Year New You… Free 5 Day Online Yoga Detox 

Develop A Healthy Yogic Lifestyle

New Year New You…Free 5 Day Online Yoga Detox 

When January comes around we are often disgusted with ourselves, ready to start clean healthy eating and drinking and ready to get a new exercise routine going. If the idea of detoxing appeals, you might like to try this New Year Free 5 day online challenge, it feels like a mini yoga detox retreat you can do for yourself at home. It encourages eating loads of  fruit and vegetables to give your digestive system a deep clean and a real healthy boost. I will help you get into the habit of making simple healthy drinks and trying new smoothies everyday. Designed to help busy people find a little me time everyday  to help switch off, recharge and get in shape. By following 15 minute daily yoga videos you can detox your mind and detach yourself from your busy day, bodyrolling videos show you how to roll out any stiffness aches and pains. Watch these videos any time that suits you best. Every evening there is a a lovely chill out session and relaxation to feel relaxed and positive mindset before bed. I will also be sharing lots of lovely holistic detox tips such as yoga, breathing, massage, reflexology, rolling, hot bath suggestions and guided relaxation and meditation. Detoxing is soooo much easier to do a group rather than by yourself. By the end of the 5 days you will being feeling fabulous and have a new routine where you think about you for a change.

09 January 2023| Online Event

Detox Yoga January

Challenge 2023

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