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If you feel like you want to get in shape for summer, join me on my 3 day apple juice fasting experience. It is a great way to kick start healthy living. Joining a group of people is a real motivator, when temptation comes along.

As they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away…”
Juice fasting is an awesome thing to do, as it’s a great way to cleanse and detoxify your body, much like a natural liver cleanse. Eliminating foods from your diet gives the digestive system a much-needed break from processing.
Whether you want to eat or drink them, apples are fantastic for the human body. Apples have been shown to provide a natural energy boost due to the natural sugars contained within.
They also improve brain function, eyesight and bone strength, as well as increase the body’s ability to lose weight. The health benefits of apples are extensive and are one of the reasons apple juice fasting is so beneficial. Apple juice provides the body with necessary nutrients and healthy antioxidants while curbing appetite.
How to Do a 3 Day Apple Juice Fast
Doing it is simple.
Prepare your body for the fast by eating light the day before. Don’t go “all out” the night before. Enjoy a light salad for dinner the night before and leave it at that. This will gear your system up for the fast.
Next, drink fresh apple juice for three days and nothing else. Drink as much as you can.
During the fast, drink lots of water too. Some people struggle to drink enough water, whether during a fast or not. To overcome this, I also drink lots of herbal teas throughout the day.
Break the fast on the fourth day with a fresh smoothie for breakfast. It will be so nice having something diferent from apple juice at this stage and more solid. In the afternoon, eat a light meal of fruits and vegetables. For dinner, consider adding something more substantial like rice.
By the fifth day, you should be ready to return to your normal diet from before the fast. Ideally, this is a diet high in fruits and vegetables. As well as your diet, ensure you get enough exercise, I recomend yoga and bodyrolling. Probably a less intense workout than running etc. is best.
For three day juicing fasting with apples, the apple juice needs to be fresh and organic.
Typical supermarket apples are often covered in pesticides and wax that are difficult to remove simply by washing. For this reason, buy organic apples to use for the duration of the juice fast.
You can buy bottled apple juice if you are stuck but I would def recommend that you get your own juicer to make your own apple juice. It doesnt have to be expensive either.
I have an apple juice fast coming up 7-9th June if you want to have a go you are welcome to join in.
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