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NEW VIRTUAL WORKSHOP 5-7 AM….IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME. This is a wonderful holistic experience using rituals to help us draw our awareness inwards through yoga and meditation. The purpose of this will be deep nourishment, honouring the need for  rejuvenation and also creating healthy intentions for the coming year. Rituals can offer a gateway to letting go of what no longer serves you allowing you to welcome new qualities that you need at these times. Ritual Boxes available…I have special Sage & Ritual boxes for sale containing… sustainably harvested sage to waft around your body to cleanse your energy and help you set your intentions for the dawn practice, meditation candles to light your way, moon herbal tea blend of nettle, oat straw and rose. Also the most amazing ritual essential oil blend of vetiver and rose to anoint yourself with for some delicious self love. These contain the highest quality certified organic oils and they smell fabulous. I will be showing you how to use all of the above during our Winter Solstice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop. The Ritual Box kit costs £29.99

Please wear white and have something to cover your head if possible. White kundalini yoga t-shirts on sale as well £19.99. A yoga mat, meditation cushion, and warm blanket to cover your shoulders if needed.

A cold shower beforehand is the traditional Kundalini Yoga way but optional.

Sign up using the link below and you will receive zoom link and the words and meanings of the mantras we will be using. Print the words so you have them at hand during the session. Links to purchase the kits and t-shirts also available when you sign up below.

Cost for Online Workshop… FREE!!!

Suitable for beginners


Here is the link to sign up…

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