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It is fun to get together and do yoga outdoors, especially by the sea! Breathe in the fresh sea air and relax to the sound of the waves. Lots happening outdoors.

One of yoga’s (many) beauties is it can literally be done anywhere. And it turns out nature enhances your practice in an entirely different way than a studio does.

Not surprisingly, when people spend time outside, feelings of vigor and vitality are increased. No wonder everyone is taking to the sea!

When you leave the four walls of a studio, your senses wake up—scent, sight, and touch, which activate parts of the brain that make you more present. Which in turn, shuts off the list-making part of our brain and zeros in on the now.

While familiarity brings security, stepping outside your comfort zone (like trying yoga on the paddleboard) opens a gateway to an entirely new experience of your yoga practice. 

People who spend time outdoors versus an urban environment have a lower concentration of the stress hormone cortisol. Buddha wasn’t in a meditation hall, he was outside in nature. Time to om or Ong Namo outside.

Kundalini Yoga on the Beach


Stretch, tone and meditate, meeting at Portballintrae Harbour. Bring a yoga mat and towel, maybe a cushion if you need one and a warm jumper or blanket for relaxation to keep cosy. Don’t forget to bring suncream if needed and water.

Costs £10

Paddleboard Yoga Lessons


Come and join me for some Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga in Portballintrae. Bring your own paddle board if you have one or else add on £20 for board hire.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga lessons are £20 to drop in or buy a package of 3 for £45 to use any Saturday morning during the summer.

Paddleboard Prosecco Lessons

12-2pm & 2-4pm

Paddleboard offers a new and exciting way to explore our beautiful coastline. Celebrate with a glass of Prosecco. Fun to do with friends and family. What better way to spend the weekend!

Paddle Board Prosecco Session £45
Paddle Board Prosecco Session With Own Board £25

Suitable for beginners


Click link below to sign up for any of the above activities…

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