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Its like getting a regular deep tissue massage that you do yourself. Like yoga it improves your flexibility only you can get the ball right into those tight joints to help them free up more quickly.

I discovered Yamuna Bodyrolling when I was living in New York. Yamuna was teaching from her studio on Perry Street which was around the corner from where I was working as a massage therapist in Tribecca. It was an amazing opportunity for me learning from Yamuna and it was very kind of her letting me cover her yoga/bodyrolling class when she was away teaching. She also asked me to do some massages for her clients including the musician Lou Reed.

Benefits of Bodyrolling

Bodyrolling has been a life saver for me keeping me injury free at work, especially when I was really busy doing massage. Massage therapists usually have a work life expectancy of 10 years and I have been working for nearly 30 years! I put my success at staying injury free down to the stretching and rolling I do every day.


I also enjoy lots of different sports like long distance running and stand up paddle boarding. Bodyrolling helps be roll out tight sore muscles so I can keep doing sports I love. It enhances my yoga practice because you can get the ball right into tight joints to help free them up.  It is so good to know how to roll out your body yourself.


I am always recommending bodyrolling to my clients. Compliments massage really well as it prevents muscles tightening up again so great to do between massages.


I am so delighted to have you here to learn some Bodyrolling. It helps get rid of all kinds of general stiffness, aches and pains. It is great for releasing tight muscles such as neck, shoulders, wrists etc from housework, gardening, sports and desk work. Really good for legs and ankles if you are on your feet a lot. There are great routines for core strength. Did you know its also improves circulation and bone density! The list of benefits is endless!!!

Getting Started

Do you have a ball? What works best is a ball, something like a small football. If you like a deep tissue massage go for something firmer. I would not recommend using tennis balls or hockey balls (except on your hands and feet) as too firm for this technique. You can buy a ball from me for £10.99 including postage inside the UK. I also sell rollers if you need one for £15.99. Use a yoga mat to roll on and wear comfortable clothing. If too baggy the ball can get caught up in clothing. Its also a little sore against bare skin so leggings and t-shirt or vest are perfect.


My Online Bodyrolling Program

This is a very handy online program you can take with you and practice anywhere. I watch mine on holidays, at the gym and on sunny days in the garden.  This is a library of videos covering each part of the body. The more often you repeat the videos the more familiar you will become with the technique. Your body will release quickly with practice and it will become more natural.

This is a new healthy habit you can use regularly to massage your whole body. Don’t just focus on the sore areas, this is a good way to get your whole body balanced out.


Be careful around injuries! There is ‘good pain’ and ‘bad pain’. Good pain feels sore but like your body needs it to release as it is tight. Bad pain feels like you shouldn’t have done that. So avoid that experience by working carefully around injured areas. If in doubt contact me first and double check with your doctor or physio. I want you to become injury free rather than aggravating existing injuries.

Where else you can find me.

I also run workshops, classes and one on one sessions face to face or by zoom. So if you need a bit of extra help don’t hesitate to reach out.

So you have videos to watch anytime to get rid of tightness aches and pains.

Online Bodyrolling

The price for membership is £49.99 now.

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Bodyrolling Online Course

Bodyrolling Exercise Balls

Do you have a ball? What works best is a ball something like a small…
body rolling
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Bodyrolling Exercise Rollers

I also sell rollers if you need one for. Use a yoga mat to roll…

Body Rolling Moves

Your Entire Body

Do any of these sound familiar to you:

  • Stiff and tight from sitting at a desk for long periods, carrying shopping, picking up after kids, cleaning and post exercise.
  • Do you suffer from recurring aches and pains and injuries.
  • Have heard about the benefits of rolling but dont know how to do it.
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Jennifers 30 Day Bodyrolling Toolkit

A brand new easy to follow online program tailored specifically to teach people how to roll out their body themselves (like a pro) at home. Giving you the skills and knowledge how to roll out stiffness aches and pains your self at home.


Never be left confused about how to use a ball and foam roller to roll out your tight areas, aches and pains.

Try different routines that you can follow every day so you learn how to roll out specific areas as well as the whole body.

Sometimes the problem can be coming from the part thats not sore.

Learn about your body so you can correct your posture.

My 30 Day Bodyrolling Program is like no other program out there. I designed this especially for complete newbies and its designed to suit busy people and fit into their busy lives.

I studied with the Bodyrolling Guru Yamuna Zake in 2005-2008 so my technique is different than most as I use a small ball to get into tight ares that foam rollers simply cant get to.

I also like to use the Miracle Ball Method as its a very relaxing way to release tension and tightness. Sometimes we are just simply exhausted and its a great way to learn how to release, relax and let go.

I have been working as a massage therapist and yoga teacher for the last 25 years so I have a really good understanding of the body and treating tightness aches and pains.

Bollyrolling Benefits

Bodyrolling Online Course Signup
Bodyrolling Online Course Signup

What I love most about it is that the effects are instant. Everyone feels major changes after their first body rolling session. It realigns you, bringing all the parts back to where they are supposed to be.

You suddenly feel “right” in your body. This can take a while even with a regular yoga practice. For some people it may even take years.

Bodyrolling Online Course Signup
Bodyrolling Online Course Signup

Will Bodyrolling Help

Me Lose Weight?

The back routine stimulates all the nerve roots along the spine. In turn, these nerve roots stimulate the function of most of our vital organs. The abdominal routines stimulate the organs and glands directly.

Both these forms of stimulation boosts metabolism and encourages lymphatic drainage (which reduces fluid buildup). Putting direct pressure into the digestive organs also helps them function better, so your elimination and digestion improve. All these factors help you lose weight!

Bodyrolling helps break down the negative postural patterns that we develop doing repetitive sports and activities and prevents us from developing new ones. Because it is great for circulation, tone, and flexibility of the muscles it keeps the skeleton structure well aligned, it prevents us from developing restrictions as we age.


How It Works

I’ve broken this down into a 4 week program. Each week contains 3 videos and works on different areas of the body. It takes a bit of practice so I advise doing one video a day and repeating the next day. You may want to do more, and thats fine, but the more often you repeat the routines the more familiar your body will become to the process and the muscles will release more quickly. I use a ball and a foam roller in the videos.

Week 1

Front / Back / Inside / Outside

Week 2

Core - Hips / Back / Abdominals

Week 3

Back / Neck / Shoulders - Chest & it bands

Week 4

Hands / Feet & posture techniques to release back

Body rolling combines a great stretch, like yoga, with a great release like massage. It energizes and relaxes you at the same time, releasing muscles as it tones them giving you a really deep stretch. You do it by rolling over a ball, specific routines follow the natural direction of muscle release. Benefits of body rolling include:


Releasing tight, tense muscles

Preventing injury

Improving flexibility

Healing injury

Enhancing performance and complementing other fitness regimes

Improves bone density

Strengthens core muscles

Body rolling gives people of every age and physical flexibility the tools and information they need to take care of their bodies themselves.