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This is a wonderful holistic experience to help brighten your energy and promote feelings of positivity and JOY using Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Guided Relaxation. Harnessing the energy of the Summer Solstice is a beautiful practice and creating a simple ritual to mark the moon phases allows our body, souls and DREAMS to expand and grow.You can drift back to bed after or get showered and ready for your day.

Light your heart, light your soul, light your smile, light your way. ????

A few things to gather up…. some sage/incense, a candle, some herbal tea preferably moon tea which is a combo of nettle, oat straw and rose. Or whatever your favourite morning blend is. 

Please wear white and have something to cover your head if possible. A yoga mat, meditation cushion, and warm blanket to cover your shoulders if needed. I have white Kundalini Yoga T-shirts you can buy for £19.99 you will see that option when you follow the link below to sign up.

A cold shower beforehand is the traditional Kundalini Yoga way but optional.

I will give you the Words and Meanings of the Mantra we will be using when you sign up. Print them off so you have the words at hand during the session.

Register below to book your spot…..Costs £24.99