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A luxurious and deeply relaxing oil massage and deep heat therapy designed to suit your needs. Essential oils and smooth, Irish River Stones are heated and can be incorporated into the massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension


Applied through loose clothing and similar to Acupuncture except no needles.  Pressure points and meridian lines are stretched and stimulated using fingers, elbows, knees and feet.
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30MINS     £25 EACH OR 5 FOR £100
1HR     £50 EACH OR 5 FOR £225
90 MINS    £80 OR 5 FOR £350


An ancient technology designed to attain optimum health and well being. Flex, tone, strengthen and meditate.
One on one sessions are great for anyone new to yoga, dealing wth an injury or someone who would rather have a session tailored to suit their own needs.

Private 1hr one-on-one session         £30 or 5 for £125

Join a Class in Holywood or Portrush Block of 4 classes           £40


Body Rolling combines stretching with massage and you do it by rolling over a ball. It not only enhances performance but prevents and heals injury. Body Rolling gives people the tools and information they need to take care of their bodies themselves.

Private 1hr one-on-one session             £30 or 5 for £125 


Why not brave the waves and try something new! You might just find it a great escape to be at one with nature and fantastic way to stay fit and stress free. Beginner lessons, Aqua Yoga, SUP Safaris and Beginner SUP Surf!

One on one session £50



Looking for a healthy way to entertain your family or friends during the holiday season why not ask Jennifer to come along and do some yoga or massage. Chill out and get rid of all those aches and pains!




The main intention of a massage is to elicit the relaxation response, promote muscular relaxation, and to enhance circulation of fluids, digestion and elimination. Massage aims to normalize body tissues and optimize function.

The effects of general relaxation alone have an impact on many physiological aspects of health and well-being the natural effects of a therapeutic massage are tailored for each individual.

Highly successful in treating conditions such as:

tension headaches
high blood pressure
muscular and skeletal problems
digestive disorders
stress related abdominal pain

Massage has a positive effect on the body’s physiological and psychological functions supporting general health and well-being and providing an ongoing healing process.

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Jenny Massaging a Client



pre & post natal

Preganancy is a time when a woman’s focus will be very much on her own body, it’s structural changes and the growth of her baby. The body adapts itself to its increasing burden and these changes are often accompanied by discomfort, pain and swelling. Massage can help soothe these aches and pains and help the mother deal with the hormonal changes occuring in her body.

Massage during pregnancy and after childbirth can be extremely beneficial in the treatment of:

aches and pains caused by poor posture and carrying extra weight
swelling and fluid retention
uncomfortable tightness

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Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art using essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers, which has been revived and verified by scientific research. Applied to the skin or inhaled, each oil or combination of oils addresses a particular ailment such as a specific emotional disorder, organ disfunction, skin problem…for example:

menopausal distress
coughs and sinusitis
circulation and lymphatc drainage

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Reflexology involves applying pressure to maps on the feet, hands and outer ears which ressemble the shape of the human body can relieve pain and dramatically help the healing process in the corresponding area in the actual body. Research has found crystalline deposits at the nerve ending sites on the hands and feet which reflect disease in the corresponding organ or area in the body. Applying pressure systematically to areas of the feet clears blocked energy channels and increases circulation, helping to clear toxins and can have the same effect as a full body massage.

As a result it is benieficial for a wide variety of complaints :

neck, shoulder and lower back pain
alergic reactions
sleep disorders
sinus and respiratory problems
hormonal imbalance

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Shiatsu massage.


Shiatsu comes from Japan and is over 1000 years old. It follows the principles of Chinese medicine but uses finger pressure rather than acupuncture needles. The technique uses varying pressure to balance specific pathways (meridians) in the body. In a shiatsu session, the client lies on a mat on the floor fully clothed and the therapist moves about the client’s body applying pressure and stretching and exercising meridians encouraging a deep state of deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Benefits include:

relief from tension
muscle pain

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Tuina or Chinese massage techniques include stroking, pushing, grasping, pressure, palm-rubbing, twisting, pinching, rubbing, rolling, tapping, stretching, kneading, lifting and holding. Techniques are applied to stimulate acupuncture points and effect blood circulation.

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Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massage

Smooth river stones of various sizes, shapes and textures are used in the palms of the therapist’s hands to apply pressure during massage and can also be placed on or under the body at strategic points. The stones can be hot or cold.

Benefits of hot stone massage:

encourages blood circulation
softens tight muscle tissue
promotes relaxation
reduces swelling and inflammation and cools tissue (cold stones)

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sports massage

Sports massage is effective for dealing with injuries and preventing them. It helps keep the athlete tuned up and prepared for the next race or hard workout. Pre-event massage warms up the muscles improving circulation and muscle performances while post event massage speeds up recovery allowing the athlete to train again sooner with less pain and fatigue and leads to greater flexibility, increased strength and fewer injuries. Post event massage should be given before stiffness sets in.

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Using the chair makes massage accessible in different locations like the office or events etc.

chair massage

A massage chair can be used instead of a massage table in a restricted on-site environments such as the workplace. Chair massages are usually slightly shorter and leave clients revitalized and ready to return to work.

Other benefits of chair massage include:

reduces the mental and physical effects of stress
reduces the adverse effects of sitting for long periods of time in the same position
relieves physical problems associated with repetitive tasks such as keyboard use
relieves tension headaches

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energy work

Energy balancing involves light-hand placed techniques that are used on the body with the intention of healing. This healing art is particularly good to use on areas you can’t physically touch for example over fractures, tooth ache or abdominal pain.

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Bamboo Massage


 bamboo massage

The bamboo cane makes an excellent massage tool for deep tissue massage. It releases tight muscles and can me applied to pressure points. Bamboo massage can be used directly on skin with oil or can be used through clothing.



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