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Give me 5 days of your time, and I’ll help you develop a healthy Yogic lifestyle and guide you through a 3 day apple juice fast and healthy eating. End feeling fat, bloated, stressed out, tired and overwhelmed.
I help overwhelmed and busy, people find time in their day to get into the habit of doing some Kundalini Yoga everyday and Bodyrolling which makes terrific self care. Putting yourself first for a change so you feel better about yourself. I help my students cleanse, detox, relax and recharge regularly at home, encouraging them to stretch and roll every day and learn how to meditate to stay calm and focused. I share lots of fun Holistic tips to help you through your detox.
Its quick and easy to do just follow my 10-15 minute videos every day.
To get started all you need is a JUICER, LOTS APPLES, FRUIT AND VEG, A YOGA MAT, a FOAM ROLLER and a BALL (around 15-20cm wide, not too firm).
I have balls for sale they cost £10.99 for ball, shipping and packaging in the UK.

Foam Rollers also available £15.99




What is an online Yoga Course?

Yoga you can do at home whenever it suits day or night. Create a daily yoga home practice in just 15 minutes a day. Be part of the online community and coached with your Kundalini Yoga teacher from Belfast, Jennifer Greenlees.

In 15mins a day…
Testimonial from Helen,
Hey Jenny I really love it. I haven’t ever really done any yoga so getting up and stretching in the morning has been new addition to my routine. I like the 15 min bursts which is totally manageable but also like the fact that I am building up a tool box of stretches that I can turn to. Thanks so much for doing this.

Testimonial from Majella,
What has also surprised me is the difference that a mere 15 mins can make – I do feel healthier. It’s supported me making better food choices too, doing other exercise, and just generally just taking a few extra minutes for me, not as someone’s mum, wife, etc just time for myself.
So I’m very grateful  xo.

Testimonial from Ann- Thanks Jennifer.. started last week and missed a few days but caught up and have been doing it daily!!! Totally my saviour and 20 mins of peace in the sanity room, lol, thank you.

Testimonial from Clair- Hi Jennifer! I’m absolutely loving it thank you. You have such a perfect balance of strengthening and relaxation. Its part of my evening everyday now once I the kids are asleep so thank you!!! I didn’t know what Kundalini Yoga was until now and I really enjoyed it, thank you so much.

Testimonial from Laura- Hi there – I am really well. Your yoga sessions are keeping me sane. I’m working from home…so morning yoga is a great start to the day. Helping me keep a routine.

Testimonial from Pia- I hope you can keep that format up even after lockdown! It fits so much better into my life than going to a weekly class. I actually manage to do each session – maybe not every day but at least 3-4 times a week! Doing classes is just so difficult to commit to for me.




It is a wonderful gift to yourself developing a home yoga practice. Joining an online yoga class can help you keep up, mine has been running since January 2020. I pick different topics to focus classes on, the topic for the next couple of months is Prosperity. This really means connecting to your flow of receiving and sharing the gifts of life so you can manifest your desires. As well as a great stretch, over the next few weeks we will be working on yoga to heal ourselves, boosting our energy through chakra work, self worth, self love, releasing negativity and a whole lot more. How do you do an online yoga course?

You get 3 short videos a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays that you can repeat the days in-between. Each video includes breathing, stretching and relaxation. Please take part by commenting on videos to let us know how you are getting on. If you have any injuries please contact Jennifer and she can give you variations. Every Sunday is a new guided mediation you can use before bed to help you destress and switch off. Only £24.99 a month (great deal as its half the price of classes).




Benefits of Kundalini The Yoga of Awareness

  • Increase vitality
  • strengthen immune, nervous and glandular systems
  • enjoy greater stamina & flexibility
  • increase mental energy and focus
  • connect to your soul





Nervous about jumping in at the deep end joining a class. Perhaps its hard to find a class that suits your schedule. Or maybe there is something particular you want to work on. Try one on one yoga it is a gentle more personal intro to yoga.
Private one on one yoga £40

or 5 for £175





7 Sea Front Road, Holywood BT18 0BB

Blocks of 4….
Sea View Morning Yoga Classes Tuesdays & 10.45-11.45am

Will recommence when Covid restrictions lift

       Sunset Evening Yoga Classes unavailable at present

*Yoga classes £40 for 4 sessions 
for RNIYC Members
£44 for 4 sessions for Nonmembers*




The Benefits of Chair Yoga

You do not have to be very bendy to do yoga. Flexibility comes with regular stretching, yoga can be very helpful if you are struggling with limited mobility, balance issues, or stubborn stiffness. Without ever leaving your seat, you can take advantage of the many benefits of chair yoga.

The benefits of an active lifestyle are highly documented, so it can be incredibly frustrating when age, illness, or injury makes exercising a challenge. Luckily, chair yoga is both safe and effective. What are some of the benefits of chair yoga?

Increased Flexibility

The ability to bend, twist, stretch, and move freely is important for more than doing yoga. It allows you to do the things that you need to do and engage in the activities that you love. Although some people assume that a loss of flexibility is inevitable as they age, they’re mistaken. With flexibility, the rule is “use it or lose it.” By gently challenging your body with chair yoga, you can actually increase your flexibility and improve your mobility.

Improved Strength

Using your muscles to complete yoga poses builds strength. More strength can lead to better balance, which can reduce your risk of falls. It can also improve your body’s ability to withstand injury.

Improved Agility

Doing yoga improves your coordination so you can shift smoothly from one pose to another. Yoga poses use muscles you do not always use day to day. So stretching regularly improves your range of movement and your agility. Your balance also improves as your ability to accurately sense where your body is in space. In addition, your risk of falling decreases.

Reduced Stress

Meditation is an inherent part of yoga. Focusing on your movement, your breathing, and how your body is reacting to the exercise creates a kind of moving meditation that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and improves mental clarity. Like other forms of exercise, chair yoga may also help improve mood and offer some relief from issues like anxiety and depression.

Reduced Pain

Researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that one of the perks of exercise is reduced pain. That’s because working out prompts the body to release natural painkillers like endorphins. Participating in chair yoga allows you to capitalise on this natural form of pain relief.

Improved Pain Management Skills

In addition to stimulating the body to release natural painkillers, chair yoga can provide you with valuable tools that can hone your skills for managing your pain. The exercise’s focus on meditation and breath can be applied in other situations to cope with pain and discomfort.

Better Sleep

Maintaining a regular exercise routine is often associated with better sleep, and chair yoga is no exception. The exertion of this exercise can help ensure that you are ready to rest, and the accompanying reductions in stress and pain can reduce the chance that these disruptive discomforts will interfere with your ability to get a good night’s sleep.


People of all ages and activity levels can enjoy chair yoga. You are very welcome to join this class from the comfort of your own home. In addition to improving your fitness, you can join with your friends. So a chance to meet up each week during lockdown safely.


Monday Evenings  Kundalini Yoga 7.30-8.30pm

Tuesday Mornings Chair Yoga 10-11am

*£40 for block of 4 sessions 

A chance to get together each week and get a regular yoga practice going. Join the call 15 minutes early to get set up and have a chat. You are welcome to stay for a tea or coffee and a chat after.

One on one yoga classes also available!


If you want to join me let me know and I will send the link. Feel free to call with any questions Jennifer  07805297728




4 Responses

  1. Sarah McAllister says:

    Hi Jennifer

    Just wondering if you are still running classes on Thursday evenings in alantic hotel at present?
    Wondering if you have any spaces and what way it work do you book for a number of block sessions.
    I would a total beginner but looking to distress and lose weight.

    Thanks in Advance for the information.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Sarah, I am currently teaching in Bushmills Community Centre on Saturday mornings 9-10am. Classes are suitable for beginners, a great way to destress, and are great as part of a weight loss program. Send me a text if you would like to come along or call me if you have any questions. Thankyou Jennifer 07805297728

  2. Dianne shaw says:

    Hi I am heading to Bushmills for the weekend, do you still have yoga classes in the Community centre on sat mornings 9 to 10am

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Dianne, the Bushmills classes have stopped since the summer but I have some Thursday night classes running now in Portballintrae.

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