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Body Rolling with Jennifer Greenlees

Jennifer took her Body rolling pracitioner certification with Yamuna Zake in New York, NY                               2005 – 2008

Body rolling combines a great stretch, like yoga, with a great release like massage. It energizes and relaxes you at the same time, releasing muscles as it tones them giving you a really deep stretch. You do it by rolling over a ball, specific routines follow the natural direction of muscle release.

Benefits of body rolling include:

releasing tight, tense muscles from the bone
preventing injury
healing injury
enhancing performance and complementing other fitness regimes

Body rolling gives people of every age and physical flexibility the tools and information they need to take care of their bodies themselves.

Jenny incorporates new routines with the ball and foam roller into her classes. She uses the ball to warm up specific muscle groups before stretching them in yoga class.

One on one Bodyrolling sessions are available also.


Gift certificate for all age groups kids to Grandparents.

One on one bodyrolling teaches you how to roll out aches and pains specific to you. It helps improve posture and alignment, it relaxes the spine, improves flexibility and brings the whole body to work the way it should do.
Private 1hr one-on-one session £40 or 5 for £150


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  1. breigin says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Is it possible to buy Yamuna balls directly from you?

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